Oakville: one of the best places to live in Canada

By: Saeed Anwar

Oakville: one of the best places to live in Canada

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Have you ever wondered how it would be like to live in a place that is recognized for being one of the best places to live in Canada? If the answer to that question is yes, you will be happy to know that Oakville is ranked at the 3rd place (amongst 219 cities) in MoneySense's ranking of Canada's best places to live 2016. To create the list, the magazine measured the quality of life in all of the cities, taking into consideration factors such as low crime rates, good weather, strong arts and sports community, affordable housing, high incomes, low unemployment rates, and more.

According to the same magazine, Oakville was also listed as one of the richest places and as one of the best places to raise kids in Canada. With all of that in mind, it is easy to know why the city is so appreciated. Oakville's residents are proud to comment about their quality of life. In fact, recent researches have pointed that 86% of the city's residents have said that Oakville is a better place to live than anywhere else in the GTA. The city also features a privileged location: it is close to downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls and the United Stated border.

Oakville is home to beautiful natural wonders, from green spaces to waterfront views. This charming city can be an excellent destination for those who want to live a calmer life without giving up on modern amenities. At Downtown Oakville, for example, residents and visitors can find one of the main shopping and dining destinations in Ontario. You can expect to have fun all year long in this beautiful and vibrant city!

It is a fact that Oakville is one of Canada's best places to live, but without assistance, there is a risk that some people might not make the best deal when buying a house in the area. With an experienced professional like Saeed Anwar by your side, there is no reason to worry. He understands the real estate market like no other, so you can be sure that he will show you the best places the city has to offer.